Maria asks…

20 weeks pregnant cramps all over stomach?

Im 20 weeks pregnant and i have cramps all over my stomach, it doesnt feel like ligaments stretching, it feels more achy. The pains are on the sides of my stomach, almost in my back. Its a hard feeling to explain. Im also feeling like my bladder area is just gonna fall out? It feels REALLY heavy and uncomfortable. It also hurts to put my shoes on and to move my legs up. Has anyone else felt any of these feelings? Please and thank u!

Judy Hewitt answers:

Some cramping is normal during pregnancy. I cramped occasionally and had some stretching pains. But if your cramping and pains are that bad and that painful, then you should call your doctor and definetly go in and get checked out just to be safe. You never know.

Good luck.

Nancy asks…

Cramping at 20 weeks pregnant?

I am 20 weeks, 5 days pregnant and have been having cramps since yesterday afternoon. It feels like menstrual cramps, low in my pelvis. This is my first pregnancy, so I’m not sure what is considered “normal”. I have had no bleeding whatsoever during my pregnancy, so should I be concerned by these cramps? How do I know if it’s round ligament/growing pains, or something more serious? Are cramps at 20 weeks normal?

Judy Hewitt answers:

Hi sweetie, yep cramps I’m afraid are generally very normal especially for a first baby. Because this is all new to you and your body so it is just stretching and and softening here and there as your labour progresses. Just wait till the pubic bone pain comes in, they can really be uncomfortable for those who suffer it like I did. You are not bleeding either honey so that is a very, very good sign. You could try taking some paracetamol as that is very safe to take during pregnancy and if you find that your cramps are still quite painful, just ring your doctor for a quick check up for peace of mind as all will be okay. Congratulations on your pregnancy and all the very best sweetie xx

Jenny asks…

20 weeks pregnant with cramping?

so Im 20 weeks and 3 or 4 days pregnant and I have been having some cramping not alot just slight discomfort should I be worried or is this normal its low in my tummy

Judy Hewitt answers:

Sounds like you are complaining about gas pains. Eat some fibre and wait it out and then you will poop and feel much better

Mandy asks…

20 weeks pregnant serious cramping last nite.?

im 20 weeks pregnant tomorrow and iv had no complications so far.
but last night when i was sleeping i got cramping in the upper part of my stomach bout 10 cm below my boobs.. it hurt that much it made me feel sick.
but i eventually fell back asleep.
but then got woken again with the same pain and was that bad i was telling myself to take big breaths in and out.. and it went away :/
i get this when i usually drink high sugar alcholic drinks like cruisers n stuff its like major cramping (not that i have been drinking tho since iv been pregnant) im 20 yrs old and not sure wetha 2 worry about it.
iv been feeling my baby move this morning tho..
any help thanks :)

Judy Hewitt answers:

Sounds like bad heartburn or acid reflux which are both common during pregnancy. If you are very concerned call your doctor or run in for a test.

Sandra asks…

20 weeks pregnant strange cramping?

Hello, I’m 20 weeks 3 days pregnant and I woke up today with a back cramp and I keep feeling it on and off in my belly and back kind of feels like a gas pains and period cramps they are sharp is this noramal??? Anybody else experience this around this time in their pregnancy??? All of your answers are appreciated

Judy Hewitt answers:

Could be braxton hicks contractions, although it’s pretty early for that. I am also 20 weeks and 3 days (I’m due August 13th I think) and about two weeks ago I started getting back cramps and I realized it was because my bladder was full. Now, every time I feel the slightest back pain, the first thing I do is empty my bladder and it feels better immediately. Give that a shot. You can also use a heating pad on low heat and take Tylenol for the pain (recommended by my doctor before I realized why I was having the pains). Good luck!!

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